STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind

STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind is officially available on YouTube!

Back on October 31, 2021, IRIE’s founder and Editor-in-chief, Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as ZOOLOOK, released ‘Stonefrenge,’ the second song from his upcoming debut album, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space. The track would enter the Australia iTunes Top 100 Reggae Songs chart at #76.

Flash forward to April 20, 2023, and production on the short film, STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind, has begun. ZOOLOOK, currently enrolled at CCSF pursuing a degree in film, teamed up with Leslie Alarcon and Meri Chobanyan to write, direct and produce the original short film based on his dub reggae music and animated series, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space. Filming began on April 20, 2023, with an official wrap date of April 25, 2023.

The story introduces Astra and Zeke, played by Isabella Davis and Matt Kim (CCSF), a couple in their mid 20’s having relationship issues of an extraterrestrial kind. Astra has been struggling with dreams that appear to come from beyond, beckoning her to a faraway place Zeke believes doesn’t exist… Stonefrenge.





Nicholas Da Silva

Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as ZOOLOOK, is a multidisciplinary artist and musician. The founder and Editor-in-Chief at IRIE, he is currently enrolled at CCSF, pursuing a degree in film.

Since returning to school, he has been feverishly working on his debut album, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space, a nine-track dub reggae music experience featuring his animated universe, STONEFRENGE. The album officially drops on his Earthstrong on December 15, 2023.

“We are thrilled to share STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind with you. To take our ideas and apply our filmmaking skills to produce an inclusive original story is special.”

ZOOLOOK is also working on the screenplay for Nine Night, the next story arc from his award-winning comic book series, Dread & Alive, a supernatural horror series spanning comic books, novels, & music featuring the black superhero Drew McIntosh. The Nine Night story arc is a twisted take on Jamaica’s funerary wake where the veil between the living and the dead, man and spirit, is pulled aside.

Leslie Alarcon

As an artist, I am very fortunate to share my vision with fellow artists who see the world the way I do. I’m very grateful we have a team that would help Nico and me bring our vision to life to share it with the world. We want to share our message of hope for humanity with this project. Our main goal is to get audiences to start a conversation and feel all the love and passion poured into this project. We’ll see you all in STONEFRENGE!

Meri Chobanyan

Having an extensive background in creative advertising and copywriting, Meri has been working with leading global brands to communicate and localize their brand voice and strengthen brand affinity. Later, she moved on to tinker with technology companies and worked on fine-tuning their digital strategies through extensive branding campaigns and unique creative production for them. Since 2022, Meri’s been taking Cinema Production classes at CCSF, hoping to make her first feature and get into the world of film production.

“I’ve taken on Nico and Leslie’s project because, from their first pitch, I realized that this is the team I’d love to be a part of and the script I want to help bring to life. And thankfully, they chose me to be their producer. So I see our collaboration as stars aligned—we have great professional chemistry, and I believe it spans the entire team—from our magnificent cast to our insanely professional and motivated crew. I suppose this is what they call movie magic, and I cannot wait to see the end result knowing how we could piece the puzzle together. This is gonna be fascinating—everyone should see for themselves!”

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