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ZOOLOOK - Black in Space


STONEFRENGE: Black in Space is a lo-fi / hi-fi music and original sci-fi animated series created and produced by multidisciplinary artist ZOOLOOK.

In STONEFRENGE, the Soul Rebels discover the holy grail of Earth-like planets, STONEFRENGE, Earth’s twin.

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#dub #reggae #lofi #hiphop #soundtrack
Music Video

Lo-fi IRIE Feeling

Release Date: February 6, 2021
Duration: 00:05:20

Lo-fi IRIE Feeling is the third single from my upcoming debut album titled STONEFRENGE: Black in Space. Official Release date is February 1, 2023.

Directed by: ZOOLOOK
Produced by: ZOOLOOK

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Release Date: Coming Soon…

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Release Date: Coming Soon…



Nicholas Da Silva is a multidisciplinary artist and musician who works under his artist name, ZOOLOOK. He is also the founder and creative director/producer behind ZOOLOOK, an independent mixed-media agency, a publishing house, and a record label based in San Francisco, CA.

Through ZOOLOOK, Nicholas develops entertainment properties that support a collaborative environment while promoting a multicultural experience.

ZOOLOOK is the creative mind behind ReelTV, a collaborative video channel & community website showcasing & supporting professional & student digital storytellers worldwide. Founded in 2004, ReelTV continues its mission to support the independent artist movement.

When ZOOLOOK is not in his studio, you can find the musical artist traveling the globe, covering the reggae music scene for IRIE™ Magazine, and attending film festivals for ReelTV. ZOOLOOK also enjoys sampling cuisine from different countries, reading comic books, and watching movies (especially horror & sci-fi films) that don’t suck.

The inspiration behind Nicholas Da Silva’s artist name, ZOOLOOK, comes from Jean Michel Jarre’s 1984 classic album, ZOOLOOK, an album in which Jean Michel combined an actual band and processed vocal samples recorded in 25 different languages.




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