Leslie Alarcon

3D Animator & Filmmaker



Director: Leslie Alarcon, Nicholas Da Silva
Writer: Leslie Alarcon, Nicholas Da Silva
Actors: Isabella Davis, Matt Kim
Genre: Scifi, Dub Reggae
Run Time: 15:09


Leslie Alarcon

Leslie Alarcon is a passionate Multidisciplinary artist that uses filmmaking and animation as her media of expression. She is currently located in San Francisco.

​Born in Quito, Ecuador where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree on Engineering of Design and Multimedia Systems. A few years ago, she decided to move to San Francisco to pursue her dream of becoming an animator. When Leslie was 5 years old she fell in love with animated cartoons, one evening she was spending time with her mom at their kitchen and Leslie watched “steamboat Willie” for the first time. since that moment the idea of making a drawing come to live fascinated her, it was back then she decided she will be the one giving live to the drawings.

Leslie is a proud graduate from the Academy of Art University where she worked hard to obtain her MFA focused on 3D Character Animation. She is happy to show all her progress and hard work on her completed animated short “Catzillows”.

As her career progresses leslie decided to expand her knowledge and start her filmmaking career at City college of san Francisco. since she started she has worked on several student films and proudly made her own short films.

Leslie is a fast learner, eager to share her experience and gain more from working with others. She is a fun person that will always bring a smile and work hard at the same time. Leslie enjoys working with others; she likes sharing ideas and helping others. Leslie thinks art in all its forms makes people feel. That is why she is eager to share her art with the world. She has learned several art skills including jewelry, sculpture, drawing and painting.

Leslie also loves animals, especially the cute fluffy ones.

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